Double Glazing Windows Sheffield

Double Glazing SheffieldWhen Sheffield Glass was established in 1975, Double Glazing was in its infancy.
Probably less than one in a hundred windows was double glazed. Of course that's all changed and these days there are very few windows that are not. But not all double glazing units are the same. Like many things in life, some are good and some are not.
Everybody has seen what can happen to double glazing units. They can become misted with condensation and look a mess. This is down to the quality - or lack of it of the manufacture. All Sheffield Glass Double Glazing Units are made to British Standard 6206 and are guaranteed for ten years (It's worth noting that a guarantee is only as good as the company that gives it - buying cheap units from a firm that may not be around to honour a guarantee makes no sense!) Sheffield Glass has been in business for nearly forty years - we have tens of thousands of satisfied customers - if we weren't good at what we do, we wouldn't still be in business!

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